Friday, May 14, 2010

How the hell do you get DAX wax out of your hair?

I've used everything, even Dax own brand shampoo and i'm still covered in the stuffHow the hell do you get DAX wax out of your hair?
i had a similar prob with another wax and i used washing up liquid......... it took a little while but eventually it came out.......... good luc.........xxxHow the hell do you get DAX wax out of your hair?
I use it every day and think its pretty difficult to get it out the same day

my advice is sleep it off it comes out next day easy after you have slept

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put shampoo in your hair whilst its dry, then wash it
oh no, you might have to use washing up liquid
well i use it and i use head and shoulders..

maybe you putting to much on m8?
Try some dish detergent.
try dry shampooing your hair first. this means put the shampoo on dry hair, then rinse with water then reapply the shampoo. it should lather up, rinse, and most of the dax should be out
Put the shampoo onto your hair before you wet it, and it should wash out a lot easier. Wax and water don't mix, so if you wet your hair first with the wax on it, then the water will just slide off the wax, and the shampoo will mix with the water and won't get through to clean your hair.

Hope this helps.
Try fairy liquid, and also applying shampoo before applying water (sounds weird but it weakens up the wax and helps)
Try Got2Be's Squeaky Clean. Here's a picture:鈥?/a>
there int any shampoo that gets this cr*p out, use washing up liquid the cheaper ones do it the best and then use a really good conditioner

and DNT use it again
Ok Dude i use Dax wax everday, to wash it out i buy a shampoo called 'tresemme deep cleansing shampoo' (its a big black ting)u can get it from any shop boots, tesco .ect. Also i always before i get in the shower to wash it out, rub my hair with a towel.

Remember to not use lots of it when appying.
Well Dax is notorious for this, bascially it builds sillicone up on your hair that is difficult to get rid of.

The best thing will washing your hair in be washing up liquid - sounds crazy but true. A hairdresser friend told me of this and when my boyfriend had the exact same problem, he took the advice and it really did get rid of the nasty build up. Just remember to condition your hair well after ... and throw the Dax in the bin!
It puts the lotion on its skin.
Try to hold some ice on the wax, and then see if it will just flake/break off. I would think that may make it fall apart easier. What do you have to loose at this point? Probably nothing but the wax.
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